I’m pleased to introduce you to Best One Yet, creator Helen and her delicious vegan ice cream!! Welcome to the Colorado vegan business scene, Helen!


A little about Helen….. she’s originally from New Jersey and has been a food enthusiast her whole life. When she decided to become a vegetarian in 2009, she was excited to learn new ways of making natural ingredients shine. And when she decided to go vegan, she learned some new cooking skills, how to work with certain ingredients and make food feel exciting and fun. She says “It’s not all kale, guys!” (But sometimes it is.)


Helen is also vegan. With food, there are three things she asks herself: “1. What is this food doing to me? 2. What’s it doing to the world around me? And 3. Can I live with those answers?” She think those answers will be wildly different for a lot of people. And she also thinks it’s important to note that being a vegetarian or a vegan doesn’t always mean you’re always making good choices. It’s not automatic. She always tell people who frown at vegan-ism, “Hey, Oreos are vegan!” “People just assume it’s always going to be bad or not taste good. They never expect it to be something so familiar. Not saying everyone should go out and eat Oreos, but you get the point!” What she loves about vegan food is its possibility. She loves how much it’s changing and becoming accessible and normal. “Plus anything to protect our animal friends!” She says.

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The creation of Best One Yet kinda happened by accident. Helen likes to tell people, it came to her, more than she went out looking for it. She was deep in an ice cream making phase in of her cooking adventures and working on recipe after recipe trying to perfect it all: the taste, the texture, the sweetness. “It was like a game at first, just trying to make the perfect decoy vegan ice cream (my goal was that people who enjoy regular ice cream wouldn’t know the difference).” And after she taste-tested a ton of recipes on her husband “he kept declaring them all the best one yet, which is where the name comes from, I started sharing them with friends and family and suddenly I  realized she was onto something.” The rest is history!


One of the most unique and exciting things about Best One Yet is that, in the warmer months, Helen sells her ice cream out of the Vegan Vespa!! The Vegan Vespa is scooter/sidecar born out of the fact that Helen could not find a tiny food truck and will be re-launching again this spring! She wanted to jumpstart an all-vegan ice cream truck, but the truck itself proved hard to find. So the scooter was originally Plan B, but now she don’t know why she didn’t go with that first: it’s cute, memorable, easier to manage, etc. This past summer, she brought the scooter to a number of special events, breweries, farmers’ markets and food truck spots. “It was great!” she says “She learned so, so much, all of which I’m bringing with me into 2018 to make season two even better.”

The best way to find out where she’ll be is to get out Best One Yet’s event calendar or to follow them on social media! (Links below) You can also sign up for emails here and learn about what events are coming up next.


So, what flavors of vegan ice cream does Best One Yet offer, you may ask? Helen has over 50 recipes ready to go, but when she’s on the scooter she always have the Core Four: Very Vegan Vanilla, Dark Chocolate, Rocky Mountain Road and It’s My Gluten-Free Birthday Cake (consistently our best seller since opening day!). She also usually add 2-3 other flavors to that list when I’m out and about, like GF Cookie Dough Dream or Banana Chocolate Chip. And she also has seasonal flavors, all year round! Like: Strawberry Jam, Colorado Peach, Pumpkin Maple Pecan and Candy Cane Crush. Best One Yet always strives to use organic ingredients whenever possible too. She uses organic coconut milk as the base for all her recipes. All of our flavors are also gluten-free! Most of them are naturally so, but whenever I have a typically gluten ingredient like cake or cookies, I make a gluten free version.


So where can you buy Best One Yet?

In the “off-season” (late fall/winter): Lolita’s Market in Boulder and Nooch Vegan Market in Denver. In the “on season” (late spring/SUMMER/early fall): those shops, plus wherever the scooter is parked that day!


So in my mission to help animals and support vegan businesses both Helen and I would love it if you would get out there and enjoy some of Best One Yet’s delicious ice cream! And, if you like it, please tell someone else that you think will like it, too!

You can find Best One Yet online at:



And Best One Yet is giving away 3 pints (It’s My Gluten Free Birthday Cake, Gluten Free Cookies and Cream and Rocky Mountain Road (also gluten free!) of Ice Cream to a local winner (you must be able to pick up the pints at Nooch Vegan Market in Denver to enter). Enter here & Good Luck! http://www.rafflecopter.com/rafl/display/d8798bdf11/?