There’s a new milk in town, one you probably haven’t tried and it’s made from something you may not expect! Sunflower seeds! How cool is that!?! Introducing Sun Milk from Boulder Sun!! Destiny Pic2

Sun Milk was created by Jordan and Destiny who are both very passionate about good food that is sustainable and kind to ourselves, the animals and the environment. Both Destiny and Jordan have both been vegan for many years. Destiny has always had a passion for food and was introduced to healthy, all natural food about a decade ago, but into her early adult life and motherhood, binge watched some Netflix documentaries, witnessed food industry atrocities and knew she needed to make a change in her life for her and her daughter. She also realized that she wanted to help make changes to the food industry and bring food to the table that was not only good for you, but that actually tasted good and was cruelty free. “It’s also very evident that there is a growing movement in the collective realization that a plant-based lifestyle is really the best for all” she says “Boulder Sun wants to be a part of that movement”.

Bottle O Sunmilk

Sun Milk was created so that Destiny and Jordan could help do their part to improve the lives of animals, people and the environment.  They told me “Many people are over the world are suffering from major food allergies, and those numbers are just continuing to rise. Devastation to the environment is still happening and not all vegan food is harmless in that. We see places like California going through major droughts, bee colonies dying out at alarming rates. So we wanted to create a product that of course was first and foremost vegan, but next we knew we had a duty to create something that would be also be gentle on the earth. Sunflower seeds are not only allergy friendly but they are water conscious and sustainable. They are also packed full of nutrients that benefit many parts of the body. And let’s be honest, sunflower seeds are a bit of an American feel good past time. So not only did we create a product that was sustainable and cruelty free, but also… it’s just dang good and comforting”.

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The mission of Sun Milk is to help protect this beautiful planet we have been privileged enough to live on, but have been destroying. To help are fellow beings and allow them to live as peacefully as possible along side of us instead of under a knife. Also, to help make waves in the way people eat on an everyday basis and help turn around the health of this nation and stop diseases that are completely preventable and curable through food.


Sun Milk is made of just three simple, clean and nutritious ingredients. Non GMO Sunflower seeds, non GMO sunflower lecithin and filtered water.  Boulder Sun makes great tasting vegan food, in a sustainable and allergy friendly way. It’s all natural and does not use refined sugars.

seeds cereal

Sun Milk is great on grain free cereals like this one made with chia seeds, ground flax, walnuts and dried apricots

Some of the best ways to use sun milk include; just straight up, but you can also try it in coffee, baked goods, smoothies, cheeze sauce recipes, alfredo, gravy… “really we haven’t found anything that we DIDN’T like it with” says Jordan and Destiny.

Plans for the future of Sun Milk include expanding the line to feature more vegan, sustainable and insanely delicious products. There is a vegan alfredo sauce in the works next! Eeek! How exciting!! 🙂

SunMilk Seed Cereal

Sun Milk Cereal topped with fresh fruit!

“We think one of the major keys to when going dairy free is first an open mind. And the second is time.” Destiny and Jordan told me when I asked what tips they could share to help people ditch dairy “Give yourself time to really experiment with the alternatives. Don’t give up after just trying one kind/brand. Also understand that it does take time for your taste buds to change as well. When you are used to drinking/eating dairy, and heavily processed foods that are sweetened, high sodium and high fat, it WILL take time start to finally appreciate the way real food tastes.” Excellent advice! 🙂

Strawberry SunMilk

One of the many delicious recipes you can make! Strawberry Sun Milk!

Sun Milk is currently made in small, hand-made batches and they are constantly improving the recipe and our methods. They love to hear real, organic feedback. So, once someone tries Sun Milk or other Boulder Sun products… let them know what you think!

Golden SunMilk

Golden Sun Milk: add 1/4 teaspoon of each; turmeric, cinnamon, ginger, cardamom to 1 cup warm Sun Milk. Sweeten to taste with date or maple syrup. Mix all ingredients together well.

I also asked the founders about what the top movies or books they would recommend that inspired them to become vegan? “There are so many! But right now we feel the ones with the most impact are Cowspiracy, What the Health, Earthlings, Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead 1 & 2, Forks over Knives, Fed Up, and Food Inc and the books; The China Study, How not to Die”.

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You can buy Sunmilk at Nooch Vegan Market and soon you will be able to find it at Lucky’s Market in Denver as well!! Drop by to grab some!

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