I first tried Meta Burger a few years ago at the Humane League Gala and I was blown away!! The way simple hot dogs and hamburgers were veganized and had such an out of the ordinary flavor was very impressive.


Chicago Dog

A few years later, they opened up a brick and mortar restaurant just a little south of Denver where they are now serving all vegan American Classics and comfort foods and I’m happy to tell you they are having great success! The community loves it! I also love it so much that I really just had to tell you about it. For my friends that don’t live closeby, I’ll tell you that it is definitely worth making the trip!


Super Nova

The owners; Matt Coates and Michael Reeves created Meta Burger because the Denver market and many markets across the US are lacking affordable plant based / health conscious options. They wanted to create a restaurant that served food which everyone was familiar with so that they could introduce vegan options to a much wider customer base (not just plant based eaters).


Matt and Michael both have extensive backgrounds in the food industry and met while working at Native Foods. Matt is from Chicago – hence the amazing Chicago style dogs (my favorite)! Michael is passionate about food and plant based eating which really inspired him to make an amazing restaurant that spoke to people of all dining preference, whether that be omnivore, vegetarian or vegan.


Meta Bites


Meta Burger is focused on creating delicious American Classics like gourmet Burgers and Dogs, shakes, Mac n Cheese and even a few great salad options all PLANT BASED / VEGAN!!  You’ll find favorite burgers like the Supernova, the Texan, several vegan chicken sandwiches and hot dog flavors as well as Meta Bites, Chili and several sweet treats! They were also just “Voted America’s Favorite” at the People’s Choice Seed and Wine Festival 2018 for their sandwich, The Flatiron. Check out the menu here. I guess you’ll just have to go back multiple so you can try one of each! 🙂


BBQ Salad

Meta Burger also definitely has a very recognizable and iconic logo and the branding was designed to reflect their love for Colorado. They worked really hard on opening the restaurant and you can really tell they put their whole hearts into making Meta Burger great! 18320510_1173394392770124_8283351409307598388_o

How can we help Meta Burger be successful? Matt and Michael would like the community to support them by giving them the chance to blow them away will their delicious affordable plant based options. “It’s important that we become a staple in the community so that they can continue to expand, allowing them to show people, who wouldn’t normally chose plant based options how delicious it actually is. Repeat customers are what drives business and we hope to deliver and a product and service that people will never get tired of!” says Matt.


Meta Blast

So stop by and check them out and and let them know what you think, they like feedback so if you have suggestions or concerns, let them know!


Chili Dog

Meta Burger is located at 7950 East Mississippi Ave Unit A Denver CO. You can follow them on Instagram and Facebook and check out their website here. Thanks so much to Matt and Michael for sharing with your story with us, we wish you so much luck in the future!!!