I tried Grillo’s Pickles a few years ago and they are, hands down, the best pickle I’ve ever had. I wanted to give them a big shout out today and tell you about them too! If you haven’t had a chance to try them, you really should.


Grillo’s offers a variety of products such as spears, chips, and whole dills. Differentiated by its clean offerings, each hand-packed batch of Grillo’s is made cold, shipped cold and sold cold using the highest grade of naturally crunchy cucumbers, fresh – never frozen – white California-grown garlic and organic, fresh cut dill before being preserved naturally with grape leaves. The brand’s Hot Italian Dill varieties includes an entire habanero and jalapeño pepper in each jar, while its Bread & Butter options is made with a touch of raw sugar, mustard and celery seeds, yellow onion and red bell pepper for a naturally sweet taste. They have a great flavor, crunch and texture and are great in many recipes or to eat just by themselves.


The other thing that I really love about Grillo’s , aside from the flavor, is that they are all natural and have no funny stuff in them. I stopped eating store bought pickles a few years ago because I found out that most have a preservative called Polysorbate 80 which is thought to not be a very good chemical for anyone to consume. I try to avoid as many preservatives as I can and I was excited to learn that Grillo’s has only all natural ingredients and I could eat store bought pickles again!

Grillos 2

Grillo’s is based in Massachusetts and has pretty nation wide distribution. You can find them in many natural and traditional grocery stores. To find a retailer near you, visit: https://www.grillospickles.com/find-us-.


They’ve recently released a sandwich cut which would be great on sandwiches and would be great to make a vegan cuban with. This is what I think I will try next! They’d also be excellent on a veggie burger.


I also just recently purchased an Air Fryer and made Fried Pickles – they were fun and easy! I also made a nice pickle potato salad and some vegan hot dogs with them. The are also excellent to snack on just plain. They would also be really excellent one of my all time favorite recipes, Tuna-Less Salad, from Rouxbe Cooking School.


And Grillo’s would love for you to try them too so they are giving away coupons for some free jars! Thank you Grillo’s! If you have them in your community, enter to win and you can pick them up at your closest grocery store! Good luck & Enjoy!